Friday, 6 January 2012

Big Wars

When I first came back to the Wargaming fraternity late last year a lot of my old reference books were in storage in the loft. I 'knew' that somewhere among them was a copy of Stuart Asquith and Jack Alexander's rule book for 54mm battles; BIG WARS. An initial search was ineffective but it transpired I was looking for a bookcover of the wrong colour, I was searching for what I remembered as a red book, while in effect once I found it (looking for something else) I discovered it was blue.

This A4 stapled booklet was privately published in 1993 and contains 15 pages of rules with as many of adverts for figure manufacturers (GBE, Ensign, Dorset, etc.) and  photocopied colonial period pictures. I think the appeal to me was that Line Infantry battalions are of 10 men plus an officer, Light Infantry battalions are 5 men (with or without officer) and Cavalry regiments are 4 men. Armies are therefore a lot smaller than current thinking. This must be where my 10 man regiment comes from, though I make my cavalry units 8 troopers as the smaller unit doesn't look large enough.

My project units are slowly evolving, there should be group photos soon, and then I can try some small scenarios with these rules, just to get the feel back.

In the meantime, Mr William Freese-Greene, of the 'Daily Messenger', has come up with a scoop, a photo taken at great risk, of the spies Altamont and Ashenden.

These are actually castings from my stockpile, of Holmes and Watson, made by 'Music in Miniature'.The car is from an old Highway Pioneers plastic kit and I've forgotten its make.


  1. Never heard of these rules will be interested in how they play.

  2. Likewise...
    As they are well out of print any chance of a photocopy?

  3. I only played the rules once but enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


  4. I've been looking for a rule set for my Azuria vs Ruberia wars of the late 19th century (using some ESCI 1/76 scale Zulu Wars Brits and French Foreign Legion figures for the respective armies). For a while I thought the Horse Foot Guns set might be the go, but I'm still open to suggestions...

    Perhaps a battle report with pics, just to give an idea of the look of the thing...?

    My first glance at that lovely horseless carriage led me to think of it as a staff vehicle, posing beside which were Major-General Sir Augustus Mangleston-Shute, and his driver, Lance-Corporal Smutt.


  5. Joppy,
    I see you are looking for Stuart's contact #. I sent an e-mail to Lone Warrior to see if I could get it for you. Also if you are offering a PDF are you charging for it or is it a freebie? ... Jeff